Industrial Affect

These are epic stories.  If not only because they are bold enough to peer into the complexities of existential dilemmas without shying away from the brunt of complex intellectual hurdles. . . . more

In Google We Trust

Here it is. Why shouldn’t a company like Google (like Universities) be allowed to accumulate literary material that can be withdrawn and reviewed by individuals?  You know, like a library. . . . more

Our Town Revisited

We should be clear; we love movies, film – the whole medium.  It’s literally the greatest thing since Gutenberg and the printing press, we know it’s a tired analogy, but you don’t seem to quite understand the responsibility being abused.  Celluloid’s impact on reality is perhaps a bit like looking in the mirror after a bad nights sleep.  To you you look as you should, a little battered and worn; but to everyone else you seem worse, mostly because they slept fine and don’t commiserate with your expectations. . . . more

Too Much Convincing, Too Few Convictions

So what are advertisers afraid of, are they so conditioned by their own rearing that they think working within a convoluted box is better than having more than one paradigm.  Or are they so aware that the majority of products are just a one-off of other products or concepts that they’re afraid that companies won’t be able to match the opportunities they create with actual quality?  . . . more

Go Crazy !

There are some simple clues for when your life has exceeded your own psychological means.  One of which is when the lines between fact and fiction begin to blur.  When you watch your favorite TV show like it’s some sort of clandestine News program you’ve probably lost your mind and no longer have the what-with-all to notice. . . . more

Complex Means, Simple Message

For some, tabloids are the group acknowledgments of vices and impulse as well as a confession of opinions spawned only to be duplicitous – bitching.  The result is a perfect product.  Something that requires real people to create though is either devoid of flaws or so riddled with them that we’re simultaneously delivered to pity and empathy. . . . more

Premeditated Relevance

We know what you’re gonna say, why would they give away such a sweet idea, what’s the catch, maybe mass influence and oppression are setting in. Fortunately not, we just think we should give people what they want, even if they don’t realize they do. ‘Cause who has the energy to keep track of each “pyramid scheme” and every report on how the other half is living subterfuge. . . . more

Rules For Rookies

Now keep in mind that this is not an opportunity to talk about your friend the pet sitter or your love of yoga and fresh lilies.  Those that can expect that sort of workplace don’t have to ask.  Nor is it a chance to drop buzz words or gloat about how shrewd you think you are.  This isn’t an opportunity to prove that you’re some sort of insider, or the time to pitch yourself as smart and pretty. . . . more

Why Screen Actors Are Better Than Politicians

At least entertainers deal from the top of the deck. . . . more

Kings,Queens and Everyone In Between

Sometimes while watching or reading some of this reporting, the feeling of being in a zoo becomes disturbing. Though we clearly have no shortage of zoos, and presumably we can placate this remorse with knowledge of better food for encamped animals and purportedly higher salaries for endangered personalities. . . . more