The Delicate Art of Virtue


This article’s been released a number of times in a number of forms over the course of the last 10 or so years. It started out being delivered from a very privy perspective to others that might have hoped to be equally well-informed. It was then edited to help the uninitiated gauge their respective depth, both philosophical and circumstantial. This version, hopefully the last, is a combination of both previous approaches. It’s not trying to convince the reader of anything nor does it aspire to be within everyone’s or anyone’s intellectual reach. It is however quite accurate, for whatever worth that may prove to be to you. . . . more


A Befuddled Peace: Give Peace a Chance (part I)


We at Sugar Stock realize that we throw around alot of blog about life and civility. This special article is going to cut right to it. We’re going to be responsible and accountable to the underlying reality that makes all of our articles to date so important. So take your time getting through this one and read it more than twice, you won’t understand it the first time and you won’t belive it the second time, but considering our resources we’re quite certain about our assertions. Realize that this isn’t an excuse, it’s an insight that you should take seriously if not only ’cause we took the time to try and enlighten you thankless bastards. Enjoy! . . . more