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Chris Beaumont | Based in Birmingham UK.  Chris Beaumont is a Freelance Graphic designer who specialises in Graphic and Branding design with an interest in other elements of design.


Hi there! just a little background info about myself, my name is Don Terrell, designer/animator & owner of DG Grafix. I’m originally from the great state of Ohio, Go Buckeyes! Browns! & Cavs!. I graduated from the Art Institute of Houston with a degree in Visual Communications. Although my passion is graphics, animation & all things creative, I enjoy a wide variety of activities; sports, movies, plays, writing, traveling, outdoors & animals to name a few. I hope you enjoy the site and come back often. Thanks!


Devious to deliver, a public display of deviations, divided of both diligence and diversity by a defensive dragon with dare-devil wit. This drive, no mere division of difference, is a damned doorway of divine demons, disastrously digital… but digging through defective dormant trash and downward, beneath the dribbling dabble of doomsday dudes: here lies the diagram drama. A discipline of discount, dawned with more discussion than darkness, Disenchanting the disgraceful, the disgusting, the dishonorable. Disorder? Daringly deliver more. But I dilly-dally disorganized… Dote I am to dwindle doubtfully all day. You may call me DryBones90