A Befuddled Peace: Give Peace A Chance (part I)

September 11, 2008 11:13


We at Sugar Stock realize that we throw around alot of blog about life and civility. This special article is going to cut right to it. We’re going to be responsible and accountable to the underlying reality that makes all of our articles to date so important. So take your time getting through this one and read it more than twice, you won’t understand it the first time and you won’t belive it the second time, but considering our resources we’re quite certain about our assertions. Realize that this isn’t an excuse, it’s an insight that you should take seriously if not only ’cause we took the time to try and enlighten you thankless bastards. Enjoy!

The problem with making some things too easy is that it becomes as easy to take them for granted as it does to appreciate them.  On the surface ‘give peace a chance’ sounds like a harmless and uplifting epithet, but after more thought, about 40 years, it occurs to some that we’ve never know peace and that the daunting part of the slogan is that we have no idea what to expect or how it really works.  So while giving peace a chance sounds like a noble calling for all of us, the closest we’ve ever been to it as a reality are a string of hymns.  At the end of the day we’re inclined to function with more confidence and assurance by flashing a peace sign and singing a song, waiting with baited breath for a myth to accidentally become a reality.

It would be unreasonable for us to attempt to live in a way that we as a species have never known, over a song.

The harder part is that if the song preempts the endeavor what we’re trying to overturn and dissuade is war in its most insidious and persistent state.  Not just violence and hostility that are easy to find a roster of scapegoats for; inbred sacrificial lambs that think they didn’t play the game hard enough to float to the top.  What peace contemplates is the anticipation that an abject assault on what we fear will undo us just by challenging it.  Prescribing harmony for a humanity that’s never known or attempted it presumes to refute the notion that some form of evil is inherent in human nature.  We’re also speaking of pedestrian evils, the sort that tends toward using trite slogans like kill or be killed and survival of the fittest.  It’s important to remember that these sayings are all bred from states of war and all the incessant fears and insecurities that go along with it.  Slogans like kill or be killed are more likely the result of a people that want to profit from endemic conflict without being labeled as the cause of either its inception or its perpetuation.  Which of course is ridiculous because perpetuation is exactly what their counting on.  They hope to be uninhibitedly propelled by the status quo, enriched by being a certain sort of joiner that is both sinner and saint depending on the idioms of the age.

The people of every nation have found a way, either direct or indirect, to bedfellow an oligarchic cookie jar and shift the lid alittle.  For many tolerating perversions of common sense and basic ethics, or baiting the over zealous with feigned complicity make them culpable and liable.  Simply put, peace requires maintenance – vigilance.

To gain some perspective we’ll digress into science just enough to shed light on how prevalent this particular misnomer is.

In the early days of what we now consider to be the beginning of formal intellectual pursuits of sociobiology, as well as its current shape, the scientist, or instigative observer ventured into unknown lands to try and enliven their perception of nature and its intent.  Unfortunately what they got was a show of force put on for their benefit; the rhinoceroses that joust and the antelope that fall.  We’re not denying that at times creatures do subsist off of one another, but it’s also true that veracity is something that is exhibited as a warning and performed by peers for patrons of an environment or habitat as much as it is an act of defiance.  This dance goes on all day and everyday billions of times over without ever escalating into violence – evil.  It’s performed as a ritual of virility in part to prove that the countless other elements and obstacles that could infirm and turn predator into prey have not taken root.

We’ve also been observers that bring with them the hallmarks of vacationers, with the concentrated presence of apparel and intentional grooming.  We’ve entered a community that we assume is as at odds with its variety as we’ve been and we’re rank with the curiosities of the uninitiated.  It’s also important to note that the longest lens in the world will never silence the fabric of life.  So as Sir Wealthy and Curious goes out into the wild to try and assess wildlife in its natural state its presence was announced before it stepped one foot off of the boat.  With him a transmission that has survived the likes of eons of migrant fish and fowl alike ensues.  What may have been new and appealing to Sir Yacht and Yap is at best a novelty to the rest of a world that has survived because of its ability to cooperate.  Whether it’s the hardship of weather then famine then interspersed migration then resettlement or more basic rites of passage and continuance, perservence is far more complex than ferociousness alone. All life is part of a routine that distinguishes threats in light of an acceptance of vitality and mortality that no thrill seeking human would have ever appreciated keenly enough to be humbled by.

So what we inferred was what we hoped would be another feather in our cap of superlative existence, not the truth.

Which brings us to today, soldering forward against all odds, ignorant to the over estimations and miscalculations of hundreds of years of juvenile introspection.  High on a horse that has chosen to pity us because it knows an appreciation for life that it also knows we’d never understand.  Some would recognize that as subservience, but it also appreciates how outnumbered we are.

 For humanity peace would mean developing a discipline we never entertained, harboring an esteem we’ve subverted to profit our dwindling egos (a term we made-up for the occasion).

Though instead of honoring such relevant mores we’ve decided to sustain ourselves amidst paralytic doom so that each day we find a glimpse of joy seems like a reward for our perseverance.  It’s an obscenity that has taken centuries of recklessness to contort into the predominant and more rational structure.  One iniquity has become keeping the bar of acceptable human nature and behavior so low that everyone can convince themselves that they are in some way virtuous for making it over.  We’ve recapitulated obvious errors in judgment with the hope that we’ll adapt to our persistent failures instead of reform them.

So perhaps we need to change the paradigm and say “Learn What Peace Is”, but that would imply that we’ve previously created an idea only to be entertained by the notion but not to be held accountable for its prescribed standards.  It would imply that we’re ignorant to our simplest modes of existence and that we created a concept just like we fabricate so many monuments to its failure without approach – like so many bedtime stories.  It’s not only because no society on record has ever lived by its relevance, known the fortunes that peace bears and pursued life as peers, but because so far we are a species only by habit not by choice