Complex Means, Simple Message

July 7, 2008

 Make no mistake there are some complex fears rolling around the movie industry.  One of which is quality, because what it takes to find the right balance of production quality and popular appeal seems like such a crap-shoot that most producers won’t take the chance.  It’s a funny thing about chances, as spectators when we hear about a Bill Gates or an Angelina Jolie we tend to presume that the rhetoric around them is not dissimilar to watching it happen as friends.  Though if that were true America would consist of a mass of over opinionated sheep that acted like their attitudes superseded their actions.  A caldron of over zealous narcissists that really think of themselves as superior to everything they don’t understand, and in turn synonymous with people that are so obviously better than them.  We don’t want to seem un-patriotic either, we’re all for national identity but imperialist values died with the monarchy, as was intended, and it’s time to own-up to some declarations.

When a whole company takes a risk they (again the smart ones) try to diversify their interest such that their potential loss can be offset by overall value.  The result of which is often contributing to a cheap product that people can’t seem to get enough of at relatively any price.  In fact, we like to consider large companies as if they’re a clubhouse with little Gates’ running around, and since we’ve co-opted him as both friend and equal our esteem for large corporations, and ourselves, is kept aloft.  We also like name dropping the wholly insignificant people we know simply because they work in a house that crap built.  After their accomplishments have been revered we want to vicariously share in the triumph of spirit and adversity, not chastise ourselves for our lack of authenticity.

Getting back to our premise; we don’t mind that one person (now famous) staked their livelihood on their success, because they didn’t ask anything of us and our life seems to have still benefited.  But in cinema we’ve responded to a whole different concept, tabloids.  It’s effectively identity theft or personality subletting without the kick-back.  Imagine that your friend’s, friend’s, friend’s, cousin is in town and they crash your morning breakfast, tape you up, lock you in a closet, stick a For Sale sign on your front lawn and start using your stationary.  We’re not saying that in a speculator’s economy erroneous bullshit doesn’t play a part, but it’s more of a mining for suckers methodology then it is a recycling and in turn diluting advertising dollars approach to public relations.

For some, tabloids are the group acknowledgments of vices and impulse as well as a confession of opinions spawned only to be duplicitous – bitching.  The result is a perfect product.  Something that requires real people to create though is either devoid of flaws or so riddled with them that we’re simultaneously delivered to pity and empathy.  All over lives we couldn’t possibly understand, but as we try to we systematically devise a degenerate perspective that suites our shallow expectations. While were not against entertainment, finding satisfaction only in each extreme is at very least reckless.  It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy without the wait.  Drive through validation at both ends.  Don’t be distracted by the bigger questions that art procures, only settle in on the retrospective landscape that’s painted with false controversies heightened by ridiculous introspection.

Now when some of you have the sense to read this for a second time you’re going to object to our assertion that “it’s not because it’s a business or about money”.  We make a point to mention this because the fact is that it all stems from a warped appreciation for the audience, you.  True, your interests aren’t very discerning and you’re entirely too eager to accept things solely because they’ve been cast in a certain light.  However the larger majority of the reasoning behind this behavior is the result of business’s ethics being consumed by employees and patrons alike.  Both are constantly trying to find an easy way to understand things, and these swamps of leeches regularly spawn the future leaders of such companies.  Leaders that have been reared to compliment the expectations of peers and patrons alike, affectively it’s a pretty quick relay.

So always keep in mind that actors want you to be engaged, and writers and directors hope that some of you have been put at such peace by a story that their subtle undertones will inform rather then offend.  Keep in mind that they’re all contributing to something that’s intended to focus on unlikely circumstances, outright fictions and persuasive dramatizations.  We don’t mean to belittle great works of insight either.  They’re simply over most people’s head, and that’s only one of the unfortunate inhibitions of mass media.  Another is good timing, but the imposition of being “mass” normally obscures that distinction.