Go Crazy !

July 11, 2008

 While you may not appreciate it everyone secretly wants to lose their minds, go outright mad, and be of generally no account.  For most the daily duress of even the simplest tasks starts to take on a haunting imposition.  The hum-drum becomes a droning-on that requires a bit of shaking up from time to time.  The human mind (we’ll distinguish the organ from the appliance another time) like all minds needs to be tuned and acculturated if it’s to choose to go on in good faith.

Faith is important here because even if a person’s immediate community re-enforces their intent to imbue a positive experience, those that expect ill results are more inclined to operate with ill behavior.  This is principally because the group claims to share culpability for their actions and they perceive their actions as beneficial to that body.  In turn they selectively ignore the potential for better methods.  Fortunately this habit is the result of humanity’s capacity to invent adequate delusions and not some pre-determination of instinct.

In fact it’s a behavior that’s contrary to sentience.  Most creatures are extremely reluctant to share accountability for actions and their outcomes.  Even though many animals are highly social, most are inclined to clearly distinguish their burdens from the conditions of others within the same community.  So in the convolution that is human behavior most people spend most of their time trying to assume they’re sane, even if it’s only by accident.  On occasion everyone needs to “hit the reset button” if not only to realign themselves with reasonable limits and boundaries.

There are some simple clues for when your life has exceeded your own psychological means.  One of which is when the lines between fact and fiction begin to blur.  When you watch your favorite TV show like it’s some sort of clandestine News program you’ve probably lost your mind and no longer have the what-with-all to notice.  ‘Cause remember that there are still commercials between News blurbs, those telling it are still pretty and/or vapid, and the people writing it are being valued primarily for their anonymity.

When you go looking for clarity in these forms you should accept that you have no idea what you’re doing.  Having grown to believe that normal people can conceptualize a world that you need spoon fed to you you’ve begun to live from pitfall to pitfall, not moment to moment; triumphing only because of someone else’s misfortune or supposed ignorance.  To you reality is an endlessly impressionable thing that no one understands.  Therefore it’s not your fault if you’re bad at it in a primitive way and seem to excel in a pretentious and contrived way.  Simultaneously you probably think of yourself as being quite shrewd and clever because no one seems to notice that this is how you consider the world, your world – a very small place.

Don’t worry too much; modern media has looked for every way to encourage this and comfort you by projecting certain key “familial” roles.  For some it’s an anchor person as trusted autocrat, there to re-interpret distrusted executive spokesmodel’s narrations of the inane.  For others it’s an actor as 30 second guidance counselor to help you navigate the tumultuous arena of potato chips and toilet bowl cleaners.  All are part of a jostling for your attention, and all profess an astronomically improbable air of omniscience.

So when you consider offering up hard to come by cash for a two hour installment of entertainment, consider preparing yourself to go completely insane.  Don’t seek out only those stories that relate to the person you think you are.  Nor should you try to cling to convenient sub-text and innuendo.  As we’ve established, you’re probably nuts.  You wouldn’t know a documentary from a fantasy unless someone made a point to title it that way.

It’s not that some chronicles can’t be trusted; it’s your inability to reason with good ways of trusting your interpretation or appreciation of them.

Now as you begin to try and comprehend this you’re going to be inclined to reject it.  Again we submit that it’s because you’re mad, but regardless your likely impulses will rely on fear.  Fear that you might be missing out on some sort of key to happiness. Paranoid of being sub-par.  Fear that if what we say is so you couldn’t possibly be capable of making even the simplest decision on your own.  It’s not the reporting that’s disturbing you but your need to prove that you’re no less worthwhile than the others you presume are buying into it; and to you such a judgement is sound because it’s so easy to come by.

Unfortunately such significance is one of the human condition’s dirty little secrets, something millennia of humanity have been trying to subvert.  If you could grasp what the purpose of your brand of existence was you’d probably prefer to cut to the chase and get it over with by way of a quick death.  You may not be worth anything to anybody.  The best application of your existence may be as fertilizer.  In actuality a large part of society qualifies itself by compulsively teetering on and perpetuating a potential for failure by justifying narcissistic reasons to do harm to different versions of itself.  If you think that such is the way of power and akin to your designation of Homo sapiens, you’d be wrong.

So when you go to submerse yourself in a contraption of imagination and persuasion remember to completely lose your mind.  If you don’t you might walk out trying to draw some sort of analogy between reality and entertainment.  Don’t forget that you entered the theater to separate yourself from reality so that you can go back to it and continue to believe in its potential.  After a few hours of entertainment you should feel pretty insignificant.  If not only because you and millions of other people just went out of their way to experience the same thing, only to return to lives that are determined to have nothing to do with one another, all so that everyone gets to feel special.  Perhaps it’s because thousands of people spent months trying to convince you of something for only a few hours.  Entertainment probably isn’t the best way to come by self realizations, although it’s a very effective, safe and enjoyable waste of time.

So popcorn up and go crazy, few periods of your life will be as forgiving, whether you appreciate it or not.