Premeditated Relevance

July 2, 2008

Wouldn’t it be great if we could honor a commitment for some people to achieve great feats for us and by us? We have Netflix subscriptions to respond to nearly any movie fix we want, realistically new releases.  We have magazine subscriptions to soak up the blathering of any over zealous writer that needs people to witness how sensational they can be.  Don’t forget gym and, for New Yorkers, MetroCard subscriptions so that we can be somewhere feeling and looking good.

But wouldn’t it be great if we had seats waiting for us from directors (and producers) that we love and understand. Good seats, day early seats, comfortable seats (sofa-seats?). Let’s face it, at the rate this country’s going vacations are gonna amount to super-sized convenience food followed by brand named iced cream and a boot-legged home movie. But for some of us, of course all are welcome, we could afford to be impulsive take it or leave it socialites and keep our valued entertainment on retainer.

SS sees it clearly, corporate accounts and logo embossed theater seat covers; stock exchange openings with revered cinema craftsman to ring the bell. Better people placements, because staging every facet of a normal household and then using cable TV to either blend or marginalize products with fact and fiction will begin to belabor already over extended self-esteem with paralytic regret. Not to mention the ridiculous waste of resources that are making products more expensive and more redundant

Instead let’s directly support the people that actually contribute to our consumption by lending us themselves through their ideas. As it is now industries are rife with middle-men (often women really) who twist clarity into depravity if not only so that they can distinguish their own mark. We should be encouraging artists and executives to be peers.  Streamlining commerce, dumping idol rabble-rousers and getting behind producers; be they corporate stalwarts we envy or progressive talents we admire. Together they can paint a grand landscape of attitudes and events, all while wrapping it in elusive impressions of select pathos. Big business should be seeking out people, whole and dynamic, to improve their products and social rapport, not just faces; no more corporate masquerades. For us, as patrons of both result and intention, consumers (or audiences) would help to create an opportunity for both to enable the other without the dirty laundry of combative leveraging and snide commentary. Not to mention the benefit to an economy that can no longer support the parasitic swindlers that weigh down this country’s strongest export

We know what you’re gonna say, why would they give away such a sweet idea, what’s the catch, maybe mass influence and oppression are setting in. Fortunately not, we just think we should give people what they want, even if they don’t realize they do. ‘Cause who has the energy to keep track of each “pyramid scheme” and every report on how the other half is living subterfuge. There are some things people just aren’t inclined to give up, air for breathing, house for living, fun; these are all part of our human impulse to possess and enjoy, so why not provide services that anticipate and respect this.

Most of us aren’t too concerned with critical debates of quality; we’re enthralled by the pursuit of certain perspectives. Marketing, be it with spokesmodels or bells and whistles, is a determination to sell some things to certain people while simultaneously convincing them that the compromises they make to afford them are worth it. ‘Cause at the end of the day that’s what the crazed celebutant festivities are all about. It’s not a matter of hoping to impress, it’s more of an effort to fuel and then validate desires.  Modern advertising is inclined to respect an audience just enough to influence them; advertently trying to keep everyone in a state of mass zoogeographic domestication. Let’s stop kidding ourselves about the mores of culture, some people simply excel at being bastards and it’s not because it takes any great intellect. It’s more because we keep sheltering them with apathy, acting like what we think of them trumps both how they treat us and how we react. When deliberate action is the only thing that defines us, they act. Against us while claiming it’s for us and then with us to maintain the facade that we’re being respected.

So it’s clear, life is not this simple; some of us get it, some of us can do some things about it and some wait for it to be easy (most often indefinitely). But that doesn’t mean others have to be mere spectators, or that if they do get off the bench that they’re not simply cheerleaders for the few thing that have become safe to appreciate only because they’re too late affect.

To put in a water-cooler speak; you’d be helping management do their job so that you’re free to do yours without consequence. Simultaneously you’d remove the temptation for some people to do obviously wrong things that are intended to benefit so few. It’s probably better to work with one good thing you like then try to figure out an arbitrary way to be against everything you don’t understand.